the bon ton of the heart
Maria teresa pelosi
Maria Teresa Pelosi - the bon ton of the heart
Maria Teresa Pelosi - the bon ton of the heart


Maria Teresa Pelosi was born in Milan in 1959, since adolescence reveals their creative skills that lead to achieve before maturity at the Art College in Milan and then to continue their studies at the Brera Academy.

Undertakes initially a teaching career in art education in public schools, getting great satisfaction in teaching relationship with the students, but at the same time, driven by a keen interest in color, imagination and manipulation of the paper decides to follow a variety of specialization courses in Italy and abroad related to a wide range of techniques and knowledge: origami, visual communication, the study of color, graphics, window dressing, floral decoration, ikebana, reaching a multi-purpose competence.

In 1983 he opened his studio "Fantasy Paper Color", a name that aptly describes the world of Maria Theresa and later acquired experience working in particular with Silvano Clarichetti, important designer.

Common to all of its business lines is the use of paper and color in its various manifestations; his natural artistic temperament has found so complete and profound expression in the creation and development of '' art wrapping "particularly in the confectionery sector at national and international level.

The settings, the sets, the customized packaging lines, the arrangement of spaces in exhibitions and trade fairs are just some of the areas in which Maria Teresa works with imagination and passion, guided by the desire to engage and amaze the viewer each time so new. Care is also the setting of weddings, always with extreme originality favoring the paper as decoration material. It also uses the ause fantasy in the activity of image consultant for various companies.

Over the years, mindful of his initial experience as a teacher, wanting to share his love of art and creativity trainer carries out on behalf of public authorities and private clients.

Companies operating in the real sectors is therefore rely to his particular talent and his great skills to improve their image and enhance their visual and selling capabilities.

She does not fail to update, making trips in the most important international centers from which they can bring new ideas and trends.

 His extraordinary work to the "fancy paper and color" service has been recognized by the National Academy Vetrinistica which granted in 2005 a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Maria Teresa showed their creative abilities in different broadcasts of local and national radio stations (channel 6, rai, Channel 5, Italy 1) Presenting the highly creative potential of the paper, also collaborates with international journals and has to his credit several publications .

This is the essential framework of an artist versatile, a true package designers, passionate of beauty that puts the heart in every new experience, always faithful to its vocation to favor the use of a simple material such as paper, but exalting multiple transformations. In short, a woman from the inexhaustible creativity that has always a lot to communicate with endless enthusiasm.

Fantasy, Paper, Color

Are three simple words, but open to those who can understand and love a world of beauty and wonder.

Use wisdom are able to change lives; where the environment seems gray, in the mists of habit and banality they are able to bring a new sun that shines in the eyes of the spectators.

See the masterpieces of decorative paper gives joy, because it means discovering new realities and unforeseen even imagined before, but the result of one of the finest human qualities: imagination.

The paper creates what was not there, opens new horizons, creates a rainbow of colors that wins the hearts of all.